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Rev. Leonce Alexis is the founder and the senior Pastor of the French Speaking Baptist Church of New haven. In 1993, he is married to his beautiful wife Jeanne Alexis who brought him four children by the names of: Kerley, Meschac, Tanisha, and Keisha Alexis. Reverend Leonce Alexis Graduated with a Bachelor degree in theological studies from Bethany Divinity College and Seminary located at Dothan Alabama in 1993. He also earned an advanced Theological degree from Boyce Bible College and Seminary located at Louisville in Kentucky in 2013. Reverend Leonce Alexis was ordained Minister in 1994. He is the actual president of the Haitian Pastors’ Association in the State of Connecticut since 2012. He is currently serving as Treasurer for the Worldwide French Speaking Baptist Churches’ Association

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Leonce Alexis, Senior Pastor